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A scorching time at the beach!

“Hot, Wet, Wild” blurb:

Gwyn moves down to the beach, and once again, she has a hot thing going with Zac and Parker. But then she gets a series of legal letters about her house, her garden, and her lifestyle. Clearly, someone doesn’t want her there.

Some expensive equipment goes missing from the golf course where Zac’s a groundsman, and he’s let go from his job. Parker and Gwyn try to soothe him with mind-boggling sex and help him search for the missing equipment. Their love sustains him, but who's responsible?

Parker hopes the three of them can move in together and be a real family. Will they ever be together for more than the occasional wild night?

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WARNING: PG13 Excerpt
Suddenly the room seemed to be enveloped in a fog of lust. Heat that had nothing to do with the outside temperature rushed through Gwyn. The crotch of her swimwear dampened with her honey and she longed to feel both Zac and Parker inside her again. Parker’s teeny tiny swimwear was struggling to contain his cock, and Zac had a most impressive bulge in the front of his board shorts. She turned and walked down the short hallway to the bedroom. The room was not large and her bed took up most of the available space, with a small nightstand crammed between the bed and the wall on one side.
She tugged the quilt off the bed and let it drop to the floor, then kicked off her flip-flops and wiggled out of her electric green swimsuit. As she did so she watched Zac and Parker. It took Parker all of one second to lift his Speedos down off his cock. Zac didn’t take much longer to shuck his board shorts. Then the two of them pulled her between them, leaning their hot, hard bodies against hers, pressing their cocks into her, letting her know more clearly than words ever could, how much they wanted her. And she wanted them too. So very much. “God, I’ve missed you both.”
“Thank you for waiting for me. For not fucking each other while I was gone. That means so much to me,” said Parker, kissing her, then kissing Zac.
“Hey, man, we’re a team,” replied Zac.
“Yes, we are, and we’ve got a mission to accomplish,” added Parker, picking Gwyn up and dropping her onto the bed.
Both men climbed on after her, and as they’d done so often before, Zac started playing with her breasts, while Parker sucked and nibbled his way up her legs.
They were all salty and sandy but it had never mattered to any of them. Somehow the beach was part of their connection. All those years as children playing in the sand and surf had given them a really deep knowledge of each other’s likes and dislikes, and spending the intervening months apart, hadn’t spoiled their connection with each other.
Gwyn was so happy Parker would be living here now. She really hoped this would mean they’d be together properly. None of them had ever been engaged, or even had a really long-term partner, although it had always been understood they weren’t exclusive. But maybe now they would be more than just summer fuck-buddies.
She dug her fingers into Zac’s hair, enjoying the way the top was bleached from the sun, but the under layers were darker. Then she couldn’t think anymore as he was rolling her nipple between his teeth, pressing it to the roof of his mouth, then sucking the entire areola into that hot wet space. “God, you do that well.” No one had ever pleasured her breasts as well as Zac did.
Parker seemed to take her comment as a personal challenge. He’d been licking and sucking the soft skin behind her knees, making her flesh shiver in delight. Now he moved to the ultra-sensitive skin of her inner thighs, licking wet circles, lines, and spirals, then puffing warm air on the damp patches. Gradually his mouth moved closer and closer to her cunt, until he nibbled on her pussy lips. “Oh God,” she moaned.
Zac stretched over her and opened the nightstand drawer, pulling out a box of condoms. “Ah, I like a woman who’s prepared,” he said.
“Summer has always been my favorite time of year.” She laughed, then gasped as Parker slid two fingers deep into her cunt.
“So wet,” he said, his voice thick with lust.

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